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Here at Recipes and Bible Stories you will find recipes for all types of people, and many different occassions.

Main dishes you can make fast and easy, even if your not a experienced cook!

Everything from hundreds of delicious desserts, hearty meals that will feed your entire family, a wide variety of beverages for all occassions, and even specialty recipes such as low fat, low carb, and meals for vegetarians and diabetics.

We sell by specialty recipe packs that contain many recipes of the same type. Our recipes are nothing like the many other recipes you find on most sites. Alot of people have bought our recipes and loved them. Try them for yourself today! Also while you are here please read the many bible stories and poems we have available.

Be sure to tell your friends and family about our site, and be sure to bookmark us!

When Clicking on the Bible Stories, Please open wide in the pop-up box, You can get a better view of it. Thank You!!!

From our kitchen to your kitchen. God bless you all.

Try these free sample recipe

Fat Free Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Turkey Ranch Pie
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